Sheetal Jethwa

Ujima Radio Breakfast Presenter

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Sheetal Jethwa  aka SJ from Ujima Radio Breakfast Presenter for the past 5 years.

Sheetal is also an Ambassador for Award Winning South Asian Women  Brown Girls Do It Too! They are touring Bristol in November and I have been given the opportunity to host the Q & A.

I have my own vlog Sheets MEETS where I attend cultural events from the South Asian Community to Black Cultural Event in arts and music.
I am passionate about South Asian Women and the  Environment. I feel that South Asians and Global majority communities we know  have been left out of the debate when it comes to climate change and of course it is the developing world that will suffer more.

I have built great contacts with South Asians in Bristol in relation to Climate Change. From Naseem Talukdar on Tree Planting in our city to Meera Pandya a great advocate of Fashion and Sustainability. This is just the beginning of our journey but there is a major urgency as we have floods in South Asia and with a third of Pakistan now under water!  We Must Act Now!

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