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Reimagined Futures

This deep dive covers our 2023 Reimagined Futures sessions. We believe in a better way of doing business. Where work – and life – can be better. Realising this reimagined future takes creativity, innovation, passion and disruption. It takes leaders and trailblazers brave enough to believe that business can be better, and commit to making a marked change. Our reimagined futures content includes sessions from Hugo Tagholm, Laura Clarke OBE and MPs Kerry McCarthy and Chris Skidmore.

What will the new business paradigm look like? Jarvis Smith, Oswald Anonadaga, Safia Minney MBE, Jayn Sterland and Fran Woodward

Jarvis Smith was joined by business leaders, Oswald Anonadaga (Flood Gates), Safia Minney MBE, Jayn Sterland (Weleda) & Fran Woodward (GoodEnergy) to discuss the new business paradigm and how you can prepare.

Wake Up and Smell the Pollution: Danielle Mulder (BBC) & Hugo Tagholm (Oceana)

In this opening keynote discussion, Danielle Mulder joined Hugo Tagholm to share insights and solutions on how we bring nature restoration to the forefront of social conscience. They highlight the role of major media institutions like the BBC in informing public opinion, and how we hold the big polluters to account.

Are lawyers the planet’s best friend? Laura Clarke OBE and Ana Carolina Queiroz

In this programme highlight, Hannah MacInnes was joined by two legal trailblazers, Laura Clarke OBE, CEO of Client Earth and Ana Carolina Salomão Queiroz, Chief Investment Officer and Partner at Pogust Goodhead – the firm leading the high profile case around the Mariana Dam Disaster. This session draws on Laura’s work in over 50 countries tackling the most pressing environmental issues facing us today. Also covered is Ana’s work in Brazil to discuss how climate litigation is triggering systemic change that protects our earth.

How Do We Keep Net Zero Alive? MPs Kerry McCarthy and Chris Skidmore

Against the backdrop of a British Government faltering on their net zero commitments, Labour MP Kerry McCarthy, Shadow Minister for Climate Change, and Conservative MP Chris Skidmore, discuss cross-party policies for keeping net zero alive.


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