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Why partner with the Blue Earth Summit?

At the Blue Earth Summit, we are gathering adventurers, creatives, founders, athletes, environmentalists, startups, and policymakers all together to define and celebrate positive action.

Our partners need to help drive this action.

“The last two days have been so inspiring at Blue Earth Summit. We have met some amazing people and companies all with the same vision to change the way we think about business, to ultimately live and work more sustainably.”

Will Boex

Co-Founder of Flexi-Hex Ltd

How to become a partner?

Our experienced team are ready to take you through the process and maximise your return on investment.

#1 - Chat with our Partners Team

Getting involved

There’s lots of different ways you can get involved. Discuss through the options with our partner team.

#2 - Discuss a bespoke package

Tell us what you’d like to get out of a partnership

We will design a package suited around your key objectives.

#3 - Maximise your pre-summit ROI

Make the most of the opportunity

In the run up to the event our team will work closely with you to ensure you make the most of of all the build up opportunities.

#4 - The main event

The Blue Earth Summit

Time for the event. There’s a lot of potential, and lots to do. We’re here to make sure it lands.

Confirmed Partners for 2022