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BES’22 Through the Eyes of Attendees

Blue Earth Summit ’22 brought together a like-minded network to share inspirational thoughts and ideas putting people and planet first. But, don’t just take our word for it – we’ve hand-picked some top testimonials from this year’s attendees to give an honest reflection from the outside in….

“This is simply one of the best local opportunities to meet, converse and most importantly be inspired and educated by businesses that are driven by positive change. I’m genuinely very grateful to have met so many like-minded people”. – Oli Garnett, Creative Director, Something Familiar

“On the train back to London, I was trying to put my finger on what exactly was driving the unique energy at the event, and my thoughts kept coming back to the word ‘passion’. Each person at Blue Earth Summit was passionate about the outdoors, about protecting it, and about the personal impact they want to have.”Megan Williams, Pelorus Foundation

“It would be impossible for me to summarise all of the highlights of the Blue Earth Summit 2022. There were so many individuals, brands, NGO’s and initiatives that lit the lightbulbs so brightly for me. What I took away is that we are all empowered to do something. Look at the places you love and play in. See what needs to change for the better. Just do it. You have the power. I feel so grateful to have spent time with this tribe and to have met so many inspiring people and initiatives. Roll on Blue Earth Summit 2023!”Lisa Drewe, Chair, Whale & Dolphin Conservation 

“An inspiring few days in Bristol – bringing people and businesses together to explore actionable changes we can all make to create a more sustainable future. Note to anyone thinking of running a summit or conference in the future – they should all end with the remaining attendees going for a swim and a surf. From big supermarkets to regenerative olive oil farms to ice swimmers, there was plenty to keep us all engaged! Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for 2023”.Tim O’Callaghan, Partnerships, Startups, Investment

“My feed today is full of Blue Earth Summit posts, and rightly so – we’re all feeling inspired, energised, fired up (and likely exhausted!) from 3 days of listening, learning, connecting, surfing and much more. I’ve come away with a plethora of ideas, feeling more impassioned than I knew possible and a heart full of hope (with a little bit of rage at the state of our planet – and I know that’s ok). We all attended different talks, and learned from each other along the way”.Briony Venn, Accenture

“WHAT A DAY!!! Blue Earth Summit blew my mind. A collection of the doers and change makers, planet conscious and action takers. Never before have I had quite such an insight into the speed that this community is growing and size of the challenges we are all taking on.Not to mention putting on the most incredible summit I have ever had the privilege of attending”.James Parkes, Founder, MyDay App

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Blue Earth runs industry leading impact events. Inspired by the great outdoors, we are a movement of people on a mission to transform the way the world works. A forum for reimagined futures. A Summit to find solutions that regenerate our natural world.

We draw inspiration from time spent in the great outdoors. Our agenda is one that backs business to deliver positive change for people and planet. We are forward thinking and optimistic. We welcome solutionists. We are a platform for the future where people, planet and profit work together. A reimagined future where everything thrives and no one gets left behind.

We are on a mission to transform the way the world works. To reach our goals, we must work across industries to reduce our collective impact. This transformative approach is good for business and it's essential for our planet.

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