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Tom Mansfield

Founder of Pale Blue Perspective

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Tom Mansfield is the founder of Pale Blue Perspective where he offers Coaching, Consulting and Communications all in service to Planetary Health. Self taught in many subjects as an autodidact he naturally creates tools and programmes for participatory learning. 


Through Pale Blue works with cultural institutions in the UK and across Europe on thematically diverse cultural programmes. Has developed climate restoration programmes with both public and private sector organisations internationally and works to facilitate positive future pathways with young climate leaders.


His current focus is on frameworks for regenerative practice in business and organisational design where he is living the question ‘How do organisations participate regeneratively in life sustaining systems?’ The project for inter-organisational learning Cards for Life is a response to this question which supports individuals and teams with a coaching approach to bring ‘living systems thinking’ into the cultures where they live and work.

His vision is of a healing planet generating abundant living for all.

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