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Dan Raven-Ellison

Founder, Slow Ways and National Park City Campaign.

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Dan is the Founder and CEO of Slow Ways, a giant initiative to create a national walking network that connects all of Britain’s towns, cities and National Parks.

He is also a parent, guerrilla geographer, National Geographic Explorer, Ordnance Survey Get Outside Champion, former geography teacher and led the campaign to make London the world’s first National Park City.

His work focuses on challenging myself and others to see the world in new ways. He does this by combining creative exploration, geography and communication to tackle social and environmental challenges.

In 2018 he completed a completed a 100 metre nano-expedition for Friends of the Earth to make The UK in 100 Seconds, a short film that reveals what the United Kingdom looks like in its correct proportions. Each second of the film equals 1% of what the UK looks like from the air. In 2019 he worked with Jack Smith to make the Netherlands in 100 Seconds.

He’s walked across all of the UK’s national parks and cities wearing a mind-reading device, walked the height of Mount Everest by only using London buildings, authored children’s books and completed 125 adventures around the country with his son. He’s also been working on a project with Friends of the Earth to work with residents of a London neighbourhood to make their streets incredibly more green and wild.

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