Gnisha Bevan

Co-Lead and Co-Creator of Black Seeds Network, Educator, Consultant

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Gnisha Bevan co-developed and co-leads the Black Seeds Environmental Justice Network with Dr.
Roger Griffith, MBE which showcases and supports the incredible work of environmentalists of
colour in and around Bristol. She works as consultant advisor on a range of environmental and social
justice projects and is a member of various environmental strategic decision-making groups. She
specialises in brokering equitable partnerships between grassroots communities and ‘mainstream’
environmental organisations.
She has a passion for promoting equality in environmentalism especially by representing and
recognising the existing work of environmentalists of colour. She is a published author on this
subject; in a book chapter co-written with Roger Griffith and edited by Dr. Karen Bell, and on two
published papers as a research assistant. She also studied this subject for her MSc in Sustainable
Development in Practice at the University of the West of England Bristol for which she was awarded
a distinction. With a love of people’s stories from our diverse cultures and heritages, Gnisha has led
teams to produce new and exciting content aimed at challenging our ideas of who environmentalists
Gnisha is also an education specialist with five years of experience collaborating with the Rwandan
Education Board, international development partners and the voluntary sector to improve the
quality of education in Rwanda. She has lived in different countries around the world and has a
passion for collaboration and breaking down barriers between people. Gnisha believes that
education, positivity, creativity, and innovation are vital tools for building a more peaceful and
equitable world for us all.

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