Grace Smith

Grace leads Laconic Infrastructures communication's and business development. She is a passionate and committed climate change and human rights activist.

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Having studied environmental science and climate mitigation, Grace has spent over a decade working between Southeast Asia and Africa, from human-rights photojournalist to enforcing supply-chain environmental and human-rights compliance in mass-manufacturing. 

Committed to climate change mitigation and adaptation, with experience working on a diverse range of international waste management policies and frameworks, she now leads communications and works in business development for Laconic Infrastructure Partners. 

Grace’s passion is to see communities create and gain access to global sustainable solutions and she’s published in various scientific journals on roadmaps to implement the use of AI in science.

Most often found in mountains in her spare time, she is based in Newquay Cornwall where she co-runs Dip&Clean bringing together a community of conscientious swimmers connecting to the ocean, encouraging everyone to take just a few minutes to do a mini clean-up every time they swim and tracking with data to advocate for change.

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