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Ruth Farenga is a facilitator, executive coach and speaker. She is founder of Conscious Leaders, a consultancy helping ambitious leaders in technology build a calm, collaborative and productive workplace.
Ruth helps people connect more to themselves, each other and their wider purpose so they can drive both individual and collective success, whatever that means to them. She has worked in corporations such as Pearson Education, Intel Corporation and as a consultant for the WISE Campaign, as well as in a variety of roles spanning sales, training, events and programme management.

In 2019, Ruth started the Conscious Leaders Podcast, on which she showcases great people leaders: CEOs and founders who really step up for their employees. Together, they unpack what’s really going on to help listeners understand new philosophies and give practical, actionable takeaways.

She has built this body of work into a new book ‘Next Level Leadership: nine lessons from conscious leaders’ published by Rethink Press.
Ruth has a diploma in mindfulness teaching, a diploma in transformational coaching accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and takes regular supervision and silent retreats for her own development.

Ruth loves nature, craft beer and travels with her partner, Becky, and husky, Juno.

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