Tim Grant

Managing Director at Caffeine Collective

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A former British Army Commander and International relations business leader now hospitality entrepreneur, Tim has built, failed and rebuilt businesses focussed on leading the way in sustainability through engaging communities, local provenance and environment focus.  Acutely aware of the challenges that consumer businesses face in the plight for sustainable progress.
Caffeine Collective is is wholly activist coffee and lifestyle brand.  Specialist coffee that makes a difference.  Every single origin bean has a partner organisation that the sale of each kilo has a direct contribution to.
Turning your everyday ritual into positive action, drink Zambia and support counter poaching teams with Ranger Lab, or Brazil knowing that through the week you’ve added another tree to the Amazon.  Launching at the end of the month Caffeine Collective is seeking investment to grow and scale, whilst engaging in new direct greening and ocean activism partnerships.
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