Tom Locke

Tom is the founder of Noughts and Ones helping planet-friendly ecommerce brands sell their products in the right way on Shopify.

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Tom Locke is the founder of Bristol-based Noughts and Ones. Although he was born this side of the border, he grew up in Wales and if you ask him (especially during the rugby) chances are he’ll tell you he’s Welsh. From a degree in music tech to becoming a sandwich artist of critical acclaim in Subway via a fantastic year of mountain biking and skiing in the Canadian Coast Mountains, it’s fair to say this time 10 years ago, he had no idea he’d be running a successful ecommerce agency. 

From freelancer to founder

After working in other people’s agencies and a stint freelancing as a miserable social media marketing consultant, Tom realized that his expertise lay in web design. Pretty soon, he was building Squarespace sites for a number of clients and getting frustrated at the platform’s meager ecommerce offering. By 2018, he began working on Shopify projects and Noughts & Ones was born. 

Fast forward to 2022, despite a global pandemic, Tom’s grown the agency and now has a team who share his passion for sustainability. This shared ethos has become central to the work that Noughts and Ones does and they pride themselves on working with like-minded brands. In his words “Noughts & Ones is simply a platform for myself and the team to use our skills and professional career for good, by doing what we do as consciously as possible and partnering with like-minded businesses”. 

At home, Tom has over 100 babies, sorry, house-plants and continues to love being outdoors. His dog Winston is a fan too, which is a good job because whenever they can, they’re off exploring the UK’s coastline in their campervan. 

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