Blue Earth Summit celebrates it’s first Earth Day

We are called Blue Earth for a reason. Over half our precious oxygen comes from the oceans and they contain 97% of our Earth’s precious commodity (water), something we are so avidly looking for elsewhere in our solar system. The oceans have no borders and as such, are all connected. They form one ocean, and in that very simple fact the ocean provides a perfect guide for us. We must act as one.

As we plan for the second summit, defining our audience is like trying to count the stars. Are we climbers, runners, investors, analysts, surfers, writers, physiotherapists, teachers, kayakers, entrepreneurs, builders, filmmakers…? Surely we should represent everyone and anyone should feel like they belong. Not an easy task but a lofty aim we aspire to. If we can reach that aim, the more we can act as that crucial one.

Our ever-important climate depends on the ocean as it carries heat around the planet to regulate weather patterns. Our food production depends on this weather, notwithstanding that more than 3 billion depend on the ocean as their primary source of protein. It is no coincidence therefore that regenerative agriculture and food supply chains are a new core theme of the summit as we put together a wide-ranging content line up for year 2.

Our love for the outdoors is a tie that binds us together and whether land or sea, our blue earth is our playground, lifeblood, inspiration and home. Protect it we must, like our lives depend on it.

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