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Converting Carnivores from Cows to Crickets with YumBug

We’re all used to seeing little critters scuttling about between the leaves in our garden, but have you ever imagined them on your dinner plate? We’ve teamed up with innovative catering company, YumBug to offer Blue Earth Summit attendees canapés with a difference!

YumBug are on a mission to convert carnivores across the globe to chow down on crickets rather than cows. Higher in protein and vitamins than red meat, crickets are surprisingly sustainable, consuming less land and water than traditional livestock. And, with YumBug offering a comprehensive menu consisting of chillis, burgers, tacos and more, they’ll hit your tastebuds for six!

“We are absolutely buzzing to be at Blue Earth Summit this year, serving up our bug-based canapés!” says Leo Taylor, CEO & Co-founder of YumBug. “Insects are one of the most sustainable proteins in the world, are incredibly good for you and really delicious – so what better place than Blue Earth Summit to get in front of environmentally-conscious customers and investors that can help take our business to the next level? We can’t wait to see everyone there!”

Our Blue Earth Summit attendees will be treated to a list of critter canapés including:

 In addition to our offering from YumBug, there will also be plenty of delicious food options at the Blue Earth Summit.

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