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Discussing Sustainability, Supply Chains and the Power of Consumers with Kate Larsen

Kate Larsen has spent many years living and working in China, visiting more garment factories than she can count. It has been these experiences that have enabled Kate to become an advisor to businesses and investors on how to improve their environmental, sustainability and social policies when it comes to supply chains.

In our latest podcast, Kate shares practical ways in which consumers can use their voice to hold big brands to account and explains why more expensive products aren’t necessarily more sustainable.

“The voice of the consumer is massive. Just commenting on an Instagram post asking about supply chain transparency for example helps make a difference. Call out companies and ask questions”.

Kate goes on to discuss how a change in policy and legislation needs to be prioritised by the Government in order to protect consumers and ensure that businesses are being held to account for their sustainability credentials.

I want to see all companies required to do the right thing on human rights and their supply chain and environmental policies. We all know that the policy structure isn’t there yet, so we need to raise our voices against the Government to incentivise them to do that”.

You don’t have to worry about safety, because of the laws and legislations in place. That’s the way it should be in business, with the companies you buy from required to make these environmental checks. So, when you buy clothing you know that the suppliers aren’t polluting the environment”.

You can hear Kate Larsen talking about these topics in more detail at the Blue Earth Summit in October.

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