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Forum: Unlocking £180m for a Sustainable Future

Our June Forum has been confirmed as a Flagship event of London Climate Action Week. We’re hosting 39 trailblazing businesses on a mission to regenerate our natural world. These high-growth, high-impact solutions are seeking to raise over £180 million in impact investment

These businesses are at the forefront of creating innovative solutions that address climate change, restore biodiversity, and promote sustainable development. These solutions are not just thinking about profit, they are thinking about the planet.

Let’s meet the businesses pitching their solutions…


Carbon markets have suffered from market volatility due to solutions that lack permanence, have insufficient science-based rigour, or offer few, if any, co-benefits. AiraEarth has a world-class solution. We are developing an AI-enabled monitoring (MRV) system to measure inorganic carbon capture in soils, along with multiple co-benefits for nature-positive food systems, helping companies towards their climate and nature targets. We enable agroforestry to play a key role in harnessing financial mechanisms to support large-scale environmental projects. AiraEarth has a first-mover advantage centred around plants that perform ‘biomineralisation’, capturing atmospheric CO2 into inorganic minerals in soils via the Oxalate-Carbonate Pathway (OCP), yielding high-permanence, measurable CO2 Removal (CDR) with multiple co-benefits.


Ape2o is the anti-plastic-bottle water company. With 7 million plastic bottles hitting UK landfills daily, this must stop. ape2o offers the purest bottled water-on-the-go without plastic. Chilled still and sparkling, ultra-filtered, and hygienically dispensed from public vending machines for just 25p contactless.  


BioMara produces a natural and unique high-value bioactive compound from seaweed called Fucoidan with specific health claims for brands targeting the health-conscious consumer looking for natural and sustainable solutions. Using a zero-waste bioprocessing approach, BioMara adds value to regenerative ocean-farmed seaweed at scale by delivering multiple valuable supplements and food ingredients to large markets.


At CLUBZERØ, we are pioneering a revolutionary solution to tackle waste – an AI-powered returnable packaging system designed to replace single use packaging. CLUBZERØ’s returnable packaging system is a massively scalable, cost-competitive and sustainable alternative to single-use for brands in FMCG, QSR, Retail and Food & Beverage. 

Diverse Futures

As a B-Corp, Diverse Futures selects young adults from low-income and diverse backgrounds across the UK, training them in work-ready, world-ready, and apprenticeship-ready skills. They certify students in disciplines like Data Analytics, Finance, and Accounting, placing them at top companies and providing ongoing mentorship. 


Dizzie provides a reusable packaging system to tackle the problem of single use packaging waste in groceries. A 362bn global market, responsible for ~60% of 141m tonnes of waste a year and 2.7% of GHG emissions, reuse can cut waste by 80%+ and GHG by 50%+. Dizzie’s customised approach maximises cost reductions and impact. 


Earthly helps 650+ businesses like Deloitte, CaixaBank & Activision find, screen and invest into the world’s leading nature-based projects for carbon or biodiversity needs. We’ve developed a holistic project assessment that screens 106 quality indicators split equally across carbon, biodiversity & people.

Gipsy Hill

Gipsy Hill Brewery is London’s largest independent brewery. In Summer ’23 they released the world’s first Carbon Negative beers without offsets, and they are now on a mission to solve our climate crisis, one pint at a time.

Go Jauntly

Go Jauntly provides an award-winning, community-based app and platform to promote active travel and leisure walking through inspiring self-guided tours. They are a health and wellness company that uses AI to promote walking and wellbeing. 

Magical Mushroom

Magical Mushroom Company® grows mushroom-based sustainable packaging that will make polystyrene packaging a thing of the past. 

We harness the natural flexibility and strength of mycelium, the root structure of fungi, by combining it with agricultural waste, hemp. This offers a safe, compostable and biodegradable with 40 days alternative to fossil-based foams.

Modern Synthesis

Modern Synthesis collaborates with bacteria to create nanocellulose-based materials. Designed for fashion and beyond, their 100% biobased materials replace animal leathers and plastics, offering designers entirely new textile possibilities.


OceanSaver® are on a mission to save Ocean life from the plastic pollution and harmful chemicals in household cleaning. Their plastic-free Dishwasher tablets, Laundry and Cleaning products clean like the leading brands without harming Ocean life. Every OceanSaver® pack donates to the Blue Marine Foundation, restoring vital marine habitats in the Solent.

People’s Captain

We’re a mission company that makes award-winning beer. Using the social power of craft beer to make a difference to mental health in the UK. We developed a first of it’s kind, accredited MHFA for publicans specifically, generating real terms ROI for our customers, which we fully fund through the sales of our beers.

PURE Electric

PURE Electric is revolutionising urban mobility with innovative, high-performance electric scooters. Perfect for commuters and eco-conscious individuals, our scooters provide a reliable, efficient, and stylish alternative to traditional transport. Choose PURE Electric for a sustainable and enjoyable city ride.


questionZERO is a sustainability benchmarking platform focused on consumer engagement, offering ESG data-driven Sustainability Scores for brands. questionZERO empowers shoppers to select more sustainable products, facilitating informed decisions on the balance between price and sustainability.

Recirculate Systems

We allow payment providers financial products, set up for the linear society, to join the circular economy. We are the universal reuse language that allows payment providers to talk to each other, liberating the circular economy from its dependency on data sharing and apps.


Reconome partners with major enterprises to refurbish and rehome surplus and redundant laptops, tablets, and smartphones with digitally excluded communities.


Rightcharge simplifies EV charging payments for corporate fleets by integrating Europe’s largest public charging network (700k+ chargers) with advanced home charge reimbursement technology. We streamline payments, ensure accurate billing, and provide detailed cost and CO2 data, helping companies transition to electric vehicles efficiently.


Riversimple is bringing next gen Zero Emission technology to market – affordable cars without excessive weight, critical materials or behaviour change – for those who value the flexibility and freedom that cars offer and wish to live lightly on the planet. 


Rootd.Earth is a pioneering climate action matching platform, akin to “Tinder for climate action.” It addresses climate anxiety among youth by connecting them with tailored opportunities through AI matching software. Founded by experts in climate action, the platform empowers individuals to take impactful action while supporting under-resourced climate groups.

Roslin Technologies

Roslin Technologies, a life sciences start-up in Scotland, develops animal stem cells for the emerging cultivated meat sector. We licence our cells to cultivated meat startups and food companies worldwide.

Sapling Spirits

Sapling is a Climate Positive British Spirits brand that exists to help lead the way with sustainability in spirits through refillable packaging, reforestation, waste reduction, and regenerative farming. We aim to plant 1m trees by 2027 to help our communities and planet.


The Seafields mission is to harness the ocean to grow vast amounts of biomass for carbon dioxide removal (CDR). Alleviate the climate crisis, restore ocean health, and rejuvenate the carbon removal market. Remove billions of tonnes of CO2 by growing and harvesting floating seaweed Sargassum, replacing fossil fuel-based products.


Smartfill helps developing market retailers and global manufacturers boost their sales. It meets the consumers’  growing demand for small, affordable, purchase sizes that fit their means. 

The patent pending technology eliminates the need for plastic packaging at retail, boosts margins for manufacturers. It provides real-time inventory and sales data that simplifies logistics, saving transport costs and reducing secondary and tertiary packaging.


Solivus specialises in lightweight solar solutions to reduce CO2 emissions from buildings. They offer innovative solar applications for large commercial roofs, off-grid systems for modular buildings, and the Solivus Arc, a solar sculpture for homes. Targeting structures that can’t support conventional solar, Solivus provides full services including design, installation, and maintenance, along with financing and energy trading options.

Square Mile Farms

Square Mile Farms brings fresh, healthy, and sustainable produce to the heart of where people live and work. They operate a network of nearly 100 farms in partnership with some of the world’s largest landlords, building managers, and corporations. The farms create unique spaces that draw people back into the city, promote health and well-being, and encourage more sustainable consumption.


Turn ANY bike into a state-of-the-art electric bike, with the patented and award winning Swytch Kit. Founded in 2017, Swytch Technology Ltd is the company behind world’s best-selling eBike conversion kit, with over 85,000 customers world-wide.


SXOLLIE is transforming the world’s largest cider market by catering to modern consumers’ desire for authentic products. By crafting superior, sustainably made cider, they provide a unique, refreshing taste for today’s health-conscious consumers.


Triarchy, a trailblazing denim brand from Los Angeles, sets new standards for responsible denim. Using organic cotton, regenerative cotton, and natural rubber, they’ve eliminated plastic & introduced the world’s first plastic-free stretch jeans. Their transparent practices, verified via QR codes, and carbon offset initiatives place them at the forefront of sustainable denim.


UrbanChain is the leading provider of Peer-to-Peer energy exchange services in the UK. Building a world that runs on green energy. Making energy affordable for all.

Vintage Threads

Vintage Threads, headquartered in London, specialises in curated vintage and reworked clothing sourced globally. Founded by individuals who identified a gap in the market for refined, affordable vintage fashion. Sustainability is integral to their ethos, evident in their VT Rework collections, which repurpose damaged items into unique designs crafted by their in-house team.


Viritech is a cleantech company which develops world-leading hydrogen powertrain solutions for the automotive, aerospace, marine and distributed power sectors.


W’ZIS offers healthy, plant-based dog treats, aiming to modernise the pet industry with a unique and engaging brand. By challenging traditional conventions, W’ZIS has attracted high-profile partners and planning to stock with industry heavyweights. With growing global demand and a focus on fun and memorable experiences, W’ZIS is enhancing the special bond between dogs and their owners while expanding its reach in the pet market.


WaterBear is a free B Corp Certified impact media platform that connects people to a sustainable future through award-winning content and actionable solutions. Partnering with non-profits and purpose-driven brands, WaterBear amplifies underrepresented voices and encourages tangible actions.


The WholyMe mission is to transform pain management, offering highly effective, healthy solutions for muscle and joint pains. We cater to health-conscious millennials seeking long-term relief without compromise.


Xeros is an innovation company developing sustainable technologies for clothing manufacture and care. Traditional methods use excessive water, energy, and chemicals, contributing to pollution. Xeros’s patented innovations save water and reduce microplastics, aiming to minimise waste and environmental impact

Yum Bug

Yum Bug is the edible insect brand pioneering the mainstream adoption of edible insects in the UK and beyond. They have made significant progress by developing a range of delicious insect-based meat ingredients loved by consumers and top chefs alike. Soon, you’ll find their innovative products on the menus of high street restaurant chains.


Zero is a new bank designed for a generation that prioritises the planet. Their commitment is to ensure that money is exclusively used to accelerate the journey to net zero. Their vision is to create a world where financial resources drive positive environmental impact.


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