Giving Back to the Ocean with BES Partners, Earthly

With a shared belief for protecting our people and planet, we know that we’re not exempt from our carbon footprint. With this year’s summit potentially bringing together around 5,000 attendees across three action-packed days, we’re delighted to welcome new partners, Earthly, to help us in calculating our impact and facilitating a platform for us to give back to the planet.

As the only place where you can change into a wetsuit and then (maybe!) change the world, the Blue Earth Summit’s connection with the ocean is strong; a movement founded by surfers and an agenda packed full of ocean-conserving content, including Hugo Tagholm of Surfers against Sewage, Pip Hare (Ocean Racer) and Clare Brook of the Blue Marine Foundation.

With our own team made up of surfers and lovers of the sea, we felt that supporting an ocean-based sustainability project would be most fitting. As a result, we’ve worked with Earthly to reinvest our carbon impact (plus another 10%) in seaweed farming projects to restore biodiversity and support sustainability. 

Guy Hayler, Co-Founder of the Blue Earth Summit says “This event is all about what we can do to invoke positive change and to give back, which is why we’re really excited to have collaborated with Earthly to calculate our full impact and reinvest back into seaweed farming and conservation. Although it’s still an emerging industry and the science is evolving, we know that the ecosystem has huge potential and can help us adapt to climate change.”

Seaweed farming requires no land, fertiliser or freshwater and produces zero waste, making it a clean and efficient way to remove carbon, increase biodiversity and create sustainable products for people. The project is an opportunity to invest in early-stage, nature-based innovation and help write the science to scale up seaweed farming across the South West.

Oliver Bolton, Earthly CEO & co-founder explains, “Earthly’s mission is to close the nature funding gap, and help businesses remove at least 1 billion tonnes of carbon by 2030 through the protection and restoration of our planet. Reaching global climate goals requires a diversified approach. Unlike others, we’re building out a nature portfolio that matches the range of opportunities, including blue carbon projects in mangroves, kelp, and seaweed”.

Find the Earthly team on stage at the Blue Earth Summit hosting talks and workshop, with experts on hand to discuss business’ sustainability journeys – book tickets now.

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