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How Big is Your Digital Footprint?

There’s no question that sustainability is big business. With a growing consumer trend to buy sustainably sourced products, companies are inevitably having to rethink their green credentials.

When it comes to redefining the way in which business works, most people solely think about the physical changes that can be made to increase sustainability, such as supply chain transparency or cutting down on single-use plastics. But, it doesn’t stop with just physical attributes. Have you ever thought about increasing your sustainability in a digital world?

According to estimates produced by Paul Johnstone and Anne Currie in 2018, around 2% of all global emissions come from Data Centres, with the tech industry producing 1/50th of all carbon emissions. This results in the tech industry being an even bigger polluter than aviation, with emissions projected to increase fivefold by 2025. Last year, it was suggested that this increase has been further accelerated due to an increase in digital services and applications introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic. But, it’s not all doom and gloom! There are steps you can take to improve your online emissions and increase your digital sustainability. 

The Noughts & Ones Team

Bristol-based ecommerce agency, Noughts & Ones, have done just that by making it their business to ‘help sell things for brands that do good’. They achieve this by building online sales functions with the planet in mind, in turn helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint online. 

Using their Conscious DevelopmentTM framework which guides the work they do, from strategy to content, design to coding, Noughts & Ones ensure that they make planet-conscious decisions every step of the way. They also invite clients to offset project impacts through partnerships with Greenspark.

Founder of Noughts & Ones, Tom Locke, will help you to reduce your online carbon footprint in his workshops at BES in October, with an aim to open people’s eyes to a side of sustainability that is not often considered when making ‘greener’ choices. 

Noughts & Ones Founder, Tom Locke

Workshop 1 – Sustainability in a digital world: 5 things you can start doing tomorrow to improve your online footprint.

In a world of digital tools, software and platforms, it’s more important than ever to be aware of the impact your online activities can have on the planet. If that’s something you’ve not thought about before, or want to explore more, this one hour workshop is for you, regardless of your technical background and digital know-how.

Tom will explain what digital sustainability is and show you 5 immediately actionable ways to reduce your digital footprint, leaving you feeling empowered in the knowledge that you’re doing another good thing for our planet.

Workshop 2 – Profit with purpose: using conscious community to boost online revenue.

This second session will be a workshop based around growing your organisation’s revenue whilst connecting with your customer’s needs for a credible planet-first approach.

As an eco-savvy business leader or brand owner, you’re likely to already be doing things the right way, but in 2022 it’s no longer enough to just operate sustainably. In order to truly demonstrate that you’re committed to being planet-friendly you also need to demand the same of those you do business with, be it partners, suppliers or contractors.. This is where the idea of your Conscious Network comes into play.

Tom will talk about ‘conscious consumerism’ and how building a network can grow your impact not just on the planet but also the bottom line. He’ll show you how expectations differ across generations and demonstrate ways in which you can boost profit from customers right across the board.

The workshop will finish with a Q&A session leaving you ready to grow your profit with purpose!

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