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Blue Earth Summit 2023 in Numbers

Pioneering Sustainable Business and Environmental Solutions

In October 2023, Bristol hosted the ground-breaking Blue Earth Summit, a nexus of forward-thinking individuals and organisations dedicated to redefining the business landscape. 

With over 5,000 participants, marking a 166% increase from previous years, the summit became a meeting full of hope and action for environmental and business sustainability.

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Who Was There?

The event was a melting pot of ideas and innovation, boasting 1,552 businesses, representing a staggering 240% increase on the last year. 

This Blue Earth community included founders, C-suite executives, and directors, signifying a strong leadership presence. 

The industries at the summit varied from tech and innovation to finance, media, marketing, outdoor sports, non-profits, science, and fashion. 

Geographically, the summit was a global affair, drawing participants from every continent, showcasing its international appeal and impact.

Networking and Knowledge Exchange

The summit facilitated unprecedented networking opportunities, with attendees engaging in 15,000 meetings, many organised as new connections via the event app.

The array of 277 high quality speakers, 87% of whom were new to the event this year, delivered over 108 hours of content across 10 stages, offering fresh perspectives and insights. 

As well as the headline speakers the event was also praised as “a stage for voices too often unheard” ensuring a breadth of content, opinions and experiences. 

Blue Earth Summit has signed up to the D.I.C.E charter of Diversity and Inclusion at Conferences and Events. The aim is to deliver a representative and diverse set of speakers, perspectives, and attendees. 

The overall experience was supported by 52 exhibitors showcasing new innovations and products from leading purpose-led businesses.

Making an Impact

The summit’s achievements were tangible and far-reaching. Efforts are on track to raise over £20 million for Blue Earth 100 purpose-led businesses.

Environmental initiatives included saving 3,000 bottles, planting 1,510 trees, and encouraging over 1,000 participants to engage in nature activities and sustainable travel. This was complemented by repairing 56 garments, emphasising a hands-on approach to sustainability.

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Media and Social Outreach

The event’s impact was amplified through a robust media presence, reaching 20 million people. This included 3.2 million impressions on social media and 840,000 unique content exposures, along with 87,000 engagements. Coverage spanned across major news outlets like The Guardian and The Independent, further enhancing the summit’s influence.

Day Three: Embracing Nature and Community

The third day is “all about getting people to connect in their element and build long lasting relationships. It is our version of golf!” says Will Hayler. It is dedicated to outdoor connections and relationship-building. 

Over 1,000 attendees participated in activities like surfing, running, cycling, cold water swimming, and innovative sessions like yoga, whale sound baths and breathwork, demonstrating the summit’s commitment to blending business acumen with a love for nature.

The Pitch Tent: A Platform for Purpose-Driven Ventures

A highlight was the Pitch Tent, where 445 businesses had applied to attend to pitch live to investors. The event culminated with 30 companies pitching live throughout the summit and six finalists pitching on the main Forum Stage, in front of 233 investors. The ventures team behind the pitch tent are expecting to raise £20 million, spotlighting the summit’s role in fostering impactful, purpose-driven businesses. 

Speakers and Attendees: Voices of Change

Speakers praised the summit’s proactive and energetic atmosphere. 

Attendees and partners echoed this sentiment, lauding the event’s inspiring discussions, and the fostering of a community committed to supporting businesses to transform the way the world works.

A New Business Paradigm

The 2023 Blue Earth Summit marked a significant step forward in the dialogue around sustainable business practices, investment in people and environmental care. It is a testament to the power of collective action and innovative thinking in shaping a future where business aligns with the planet’s needs, inspiring participants to be part of this transformative journey.


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