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Is B Corp Right for Your Business?

Talking B Corp 101 with Andy Hawkins

Whether it’s ditching the diesel for electric, swapping plastic bags for paper or taking better
care of your workforce, there’s no doubt that consumer buying behaviour is changing. With a
mass move towards more social and sustainable products, customers are educating
themselves on the who, what and where of ethical brands. But how can they be sure
companies are fulfilling their promises to the planet and not just greenwashing or purpose
washing for growth?

With evidence suggesting that sustainability sells, more and more businesses are doing
what’s needed to become B Corp certified, ensuring transparency to consumers whilst
building loyalty both internally and externally. This has seen companies reaping the rewards
financially, with B Corp businesses seeing an increase in turnover once certified. But what
does becoming B Corp actually mean and is it something worth setting your sights on as a

With the B Corp certification process assessing a variety of aspects including performance,
accountability, and transparency on a range of factors, it can seem overwhelming and
complex to achieve. But, we’ve got some expert help on hand to aid you in taking those first
steps as a business.

B Leader, Andy Hawkins will be talking B Corp 101, covering the reasons why a company
should consider becoming certified, how the process works, as well as dispelling any myths
and misconceptions during his upcoming workshop at the Blue Earth Summit. He will also
explain how completing the B Impact Assessment can help to make your company better,
fitter and stronger as we navigate our way through a post-pandemic world.

Andy said “Having helped over 150 companies on their B Corp journey, I’ve not yet come
across one who hasn’t found the process hugely educational and inspirational. Using
business as a force for good, what’s not to like?”

The workshop will be an informative session for those wanting to find out more and start
their B Corp journey with the support of others. It will also include a practical session to log
into the live assessment tool and get started on your B Corp journey, with expert help and
advice on hand to guide you along the way.

Does this workshop sound like something you need to be part of? Workshop positions will be released to ticket holders in the coming weeks. Book tickets for you and your team now to get priority booking for workshops when they are released.

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