Our Story

Welcome to the revolution

Blue Earth Summit is a movement. A dynamic mix of communities, driven by a love for the outdoors and a determination to do business better. We bring together makers and mavericks, founders and futurists, and adventurers and investors. What unites us all is the simple idea that business can be a force for good, in protecting our planet and its people. Join us for a three-day breakthrough business summit in one of the most radical cities in the world. 

Our passion for the outdoors doesn’t just give us a reason to exist as a summit: it’s what binds us together as a movement. It’s why after two days of keynotes, workshops and co-creation sessions, we hit revolutionary inland surf spot The Wave and spend some time together outside.

We’re the only place where you can change into a wetsuit and then (maybe) change the world. Where else can you sit in the line-up for your next wave alongside inventors and entrepreneurs? Maybe head out in a peloton with investors? Or lace up your shoes and hit the trails alongside CEOs?

Blue Earth Summit — 2021

The inaugural summit in October 2021 saw an incredible line up of speakers and panels, fresh from G7 and heading to COP in Glasgow. Over 800 attendees drew inspiration and revelled in the freedom of an in-person gathering over two magical days. We look forward to welcoming you all once again!


What’s new

This year, we’re once again challenging corporates and start-ups to redefine the way the UK lives and works. We’re encouraging attendees to discover the Blue Thread in their business. It’s the connective tissue that runs through each organisation, linking what it does to the power of the outdoors.

Whether you’re a fledgling start-up or a FTSE100, a founder or the newest member of your team, this October we’ll help you discover and define the Blue Thread that runs through your business.

Diversity Statement

The Blue Earth Summit is committed to diversity, inclusion and equity. From our choice of speakers and partners to our venues, suppliers and logistics, we are continually reviewing and respecting the values, rights and choices of others and of ourselves.