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Blue Earth is the only purpose driven summit for people in business inspired by the great outdoors.

We are fundamentally pro-business and believe that business can be a force for good, a champion for the natural world.

We are intentionally cross-industry and cross-sectoral. We unite different industries and sectors, dismantle echo chambers and break down silos.

We are solutions-focused and action orientated. Blue Earth content defines clear and tangible solutions to shift the dial towards more regenerative business practice. We are an inclusive event for all businesses no matter where you are on your environmental journey. This means there will be companies represented in the room and on the stage that have further to go. We welcome all businesses making genuine efforts to be better.

Together we are on a mission to inspire better business practice and ultimately transform the way we live and work.

Blue Earth Values

Blue Earth is founded on a shared set of values based on a better way to be.

We draw inspiration from time spent in the great outdoors.

Our agenda is one that backs business to deliver positive change for people and planet.

We are forward thinking and optimistic.

We are a platform for the future where people, planet and profit work together.

A reimagined future where everything thrives and no one gets left behind.

Blue Earth Manifesto

We believe in a new way of doing business, Where work - and life – can be better. Where our ideas and investment make a real difference in the world. Business as usual is broken. Traditional models are failing people and planet, And endless growth is destroying nature. So we come together as a community of changemakers… …makers and mavericks… …founders and futurists… …adventurers and investors… To find a better way to be. Where our decisions are inspired and energised by our precious blue planet. Where our passion for being outdoors binds us together as a movement. Together we reimagine what that world is going to look like. And how business can work to make positive change happen.

Who you'll meet at Blue Earth