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The Pitch Tent Returns With Nature-Positive Investments For Business, Adventure & Impact

Nature is constantly evolving and we must too if we are to solve the the complexity of humanity’s impact on our blue earth. One of the highlights of our year one event was the Pitch Tent experience and the amazing results for our winners. The culture around innovation and start ups, aligned with community spirit, is a key touchstone at Blue Earth Summit.

This year we have three clear-cut categories for individuals and organisations looking for funding:

– Businesses For Good

– Pioneering Adventurers

– Impact Projects

We know the power of business and after last year’s COP, it became abundantly clear that business has to lead the way in terms of investment but also influencing mass consumer behaviour. Businesses For Good is our call out for the many great ideas looking to disrupt the established order.

Blue Earth Summit is also powered by the outdoors, a clear desire to protect it. The outdoor industry is a key part of the summit and the support it gives to adventurers means that we have a constant eye on the changes happening across our remote regions. How they interact with indigenous people and what their impact is on the places they visit were key topics last year. Pioneering Adventurers gives a platform to all those keen to explore, but with that must come a value for science and true positive impact.

Impact Projects are those that can genuinely change lives and bring the natural world into real focus for those involved. This could be a project helping city kids find adventure away from their doorstep. Or enabling a re-greening project in a town or city. Impact comes in different shapes and if Blue Earth can spotlight these projects alongside the adventurers and businesses, investors will have some hard decisions to make with their money.

We bring communities together and it is that combined power that gives Blue Earth a real feeling of impact and belonging. The positivity that many attendees gain from aligning their passion with the work they do makes for a powerful movement, all convinced in their ability to make important change.

These opportunities are a clear opportunity to anyone with a great idea or passion project which has the potential to positively impact any aspect of life on earth. We are all in the same business: protecting our planet’s future.

“We want the Summit to be a space where the ideas and investment we help put together make a real difference in the world. We want to make a seismic difference to businesses and projects that put the wellbeing of people and planet first.

We bring in investors and sponsors who understand the urgent need to use business as a force for good and enable people and projects to do things differently for the planet and communities. It is where action speaks louder than words.”

Guy Hayler, MD Wavelength Ventures

How to apply: 

Applications for the Pitch Tent 2022 are now open. Apply here

For more information contact Guy Hayler on [email protected]


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Blue Earth runs industry leading impact events. Inspired by the great outdoors, we are a movement of people on a mission to transform the way the world works. A forum for reimagined futures. A Summit to find solutions that regenerate our natural world.

We draw inspiration from time spent in the great outdoors. Our agenda is one that backs business to deliver positive change for people and planet. We are forward thinking and optimistic. We welcome solutionists. We are a platform for the future where people, planet and profit work together. A reimagined future where everything thrives and no one gets left behind.

We are on a mission to transform the way the world works. To reach our goals, we must work across industries to reduce our collective impact. This transformative approach is good for business and it's essential for our planet.

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