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Planet Positivity with BES Partners, Presca

With a shared love of the outdoors and passion for preserving our planet, it’s more than fitting to welcome the Presca brand to the Blue Earth Summit. The world’s first climate positive sportswear brand, founded by a group of cyclists, triathletes and runners who are as passionate about the world we live in as the sports we love, Presca is on a journey to make sportswear better for the planet. 

The current clothing crisis amounts to a whopping 300,000 tonnes of clothing and footwear ending up in landfill each year (check out the ‘Love Your Clothes’ Wrap Report for full intel) and less than 1% of clothes end up being recycled. 

Alongside Blue Earth Summit’s belief that business can be a force for good, Presca brings eco-conscious credentials together with many initiatives and partnerships that reflect their ethos. The clothing manufacturing industry is one of the worst offenders when it comes to carbon emissions, contributing up to 10%, and a further 20% of water pollution, and yet it naturally fuels many of our outdoor pursuits.  Presca was created to offer brilliant clothing for our sports, with minimum impact. The combined efforts of Blue Earth Summit and associated brands are vital to acknowledge this, power the circular economy and create positive change for our planet

On that basis, when the Blue Earth Summit is in full flow, the Presca team will be holding a kit collection for any unwanted cycling and running clothing. Any profits from this will be reinvested into the Presca workshop, an initiative set up to achieve 1 million clothing repairs and offset some of the pitfalls of the clothing manufacturing industry as it is today. Presca will create gift kits with this investment which will be free to anybody who needs to access kit to take part in sport – no questions asked. 

Presca Climate Crawl

With the Blue Earth Summit fuelled by inspiration from the great outdoors, Day 3 will see attendees take their networking into nature with a range of outdoor activities including surfing, rock climbing, swimming, cycling and running.

Alongside these activities, Presca will be running a ‘Climate Crawl Trail Walk’, an environmentally oriented ‘treasure’ hunt sharing significant points of interest in the local area. This will be a walking team event (bring that competitive spirt, you might need it!), designed to bring out your childhood orienteering skills whilst testing your climate positive knowledge – there will be prizes!

Sessions will be running throughout the day. Download the Blue Earth Summit event app now for more info.  (Please also download the what3words app before the session).

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