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Ecologi offset Blue Earth Summit ’21 and invite attendees to take carbon positive action

As we make plans for Blue Earth Summit ’22, our friends and lead partner Ecologi have been working hard helping us offset the ’21 Summit, while also making their presence felt at a small gathering in Glasgow you may have heard of. We are hugely appreciative of their efforts and it enables us all to have a real investment in ensuring the production of the event has as positive an impact as possible.

The Blue Earth page on Ecologi’s site details the overall carbon impact and we shall be releasing our Summit Impact Report in a few weeks so you can study the detail alongside all the other aspects to what was a great few days in October.

It was awesome seeing you at the Blue Earth Summit in Bristol. One of the best bits was meeting loads of wonderful people and hearing so many inspirational words from plenty of experts!


The other amazing thing was supporting the Blue Earth Summit team and offsetting the emissions from the 2-day event, AND planting a tree for every attending delegate.


Head over to Blue Earth’s Ecologi forest and checkout the 850 trees planted and the 812kg of CO2 reduced. While you’re there, find out more about where the trees are planted, and what climate solution projects we’ve supported to offset the event’s emissions.


We’re delighted to be working with Ecologi to offset the carbon impact of the event and will continue to do so to ensure that the Summit truly does deliver positive action.

Ecologi don’t only offset carbon impact for businesses, they do the same for individuals too – think of it as a subscription service for the planet. You can grow a forest like the Blue Earth Summit one and reduce your carbon footprint through verified Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard climate solutions. You will also get a personal profile for tracking your impact, setting low-carbon goals, and watching your forest grow.

Blue Earth Summit attendees get a free month

Blue Earth Summit attendees receive a free month on both our business and individual plans. Simply head to, and use coupon code BLUE1MONTH at check-out to activate this offer.

Be a part of Ecologi’s growth

Ecologi just launched its very first Crowdfunding campaign. They are inviting both their existing community and new subscribers to join Ecologi as an exclusive Crowdcube shareholder. Read more about their mission and why they are Crowdfunding here

The campaign goes live VERY soon and you can register to gain exclusive early access before the public launch.


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