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Talking Positive Investing for People and Planet with Earthly

Earthly is on a mission to effect change for businesses in an impactful, positive way. With proven, science-based solutions to balance carbon impact, enabling companies to invest in the fight against climate change, Earthly go beyond to become ‘climate positive’.

Earthly work in three simple steps; work out the impact, find the right solution and invest in nature diversity. But they don’t just balance impact, they aid businesses in going beyond, by restoring nature and removing 110% of carbon created.

Working exclusively with projects that restore nature as well as removing carbon, they’re able to create multiple co-benefits for both society and wildlife. The projects are then assessed using their bespoke framework to ensure suitability at all stages.

Partnering with game-changing projects around the world, from kelp farms on the Cornish coast to trees in Tanzania, all their projects are handpicked to focus on interventions that are invaluable in slowing and stopping climate change.

We’re delighted to welcome Earthly CCO, Lorenzo Curci and CEO, Oliver Bolton to join us for our latest episode of the Blue Earth Summit podcast. Sitting down with host, Laura Nesbitt, the Earthly duo discuss the climate crisis that we face as a whole, the impact that Earthly aim to achieve as a business, and the competition in carbon reduction they’re predicting for the future.

“It’s not just a climate carbon situation that we have to tackle but it’s an interlinked biodiversity crisis”.

“It’s about helping customers to leave a positive impact and educate others about the power of nature”.

“By 2030 the most successful, thriving businesses will have the environment at their heart. Moving beyond quality and price for competitive differentiation, they’ll be competing on green credentials”.

Book tickets now to catch the Earthly team at Blue Earth Summit, and join the conversation on LinkedIn.

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