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The Blue Earth Summit Returns To The Wave

Building on the success of last year, The Blue Earth Summit will return to The Bristol Wave for Day 3 of 2022 event due to take place in Bristol 11-13 October 2022.

As one of the leading and most innovative sporting venues in the UK location, The Wave will once again be a key partner for year 2 of the Blue Earth Summit.

The journey that The Wave has been on to come to life makes it an even more special place to visit. You don’t have to be a surfer to appreciate what has been created at The Wave. As a case study for a business for good, The Wave encapsulates everything that you would expect to find in a purpose driven organisation. The buy in from investors, staff and customers from all walks of life is clear to see. This is in no small part down to the vision of founder and aptly named Chief Visionary Officer Nick Hounsfield.

Opened in 2019 The Wave was 9 years in the making and  brings together surfing, nature, and a fresh way of thinking. The business is based on a passion for surfing and the outdoors, and a belief in the power of water and waves to positively change lives.

Commenting on the Summit, The Wave Founder, Nick Hounsfield, said:

“The inaugural Blue Earth Summit last year brought together a brilliant range of brands, organisations and individuals, and ignited great, thought-provoking conversations. We can’t wait to see this build with the even bigger event planned for this year. We are delighted to host day three and create the perfect setting to immerse attendees in outdoor activities. Linking people to the outdoors and creating a personal connection to these ‘playgrounds’ is an essential start point if we want to encourage people and businesses to do their bit to protect them.”

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As ever Wave slots for delegates will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so those planning to attend the Blue Earth Summit and surf The Wave are strongly advised to book tickets early.

Priority tickets have already sold out. The next batch of tickets go on sale Thursday 12 May. Pre-register here to be the first in line.

The Blue Earth Summit harnesses the power of the outdoors to enable people and businesses to identify and understand future trends, make next level connections and move forwards together.

Getting outdoors and active with the people we work with and the companies that we would like to be working with is a tried and tested way of making longstanding connections. The combination of surfing, cycling and running alongside talks, panel discussions and workshops, being hosted at the Wave gives Day 3 of The Blue Earth Summit a truly unique appeal.

Where outdoor brands of the future meet.

Building on from 2021, this year’s The Blue Earth Summit has invited five leading brands from each of the various sectors within the outdoor industry to showcase how they are leading the charge when in comes to minimising their impact on the planet in order to better protect our playgrounds.

Selected brands from the worlds of surfing, sailing, cycling, running and mountaineering will be leading panels on ocean conservation, sustainable supply chains, blue health and climate change. Attendees will then have the opportunity to do some kit testing whilst taking part in their chosen outdoor activities on day 3.

Getting outdoors inspires a healthy mindset, and with the right equipment and connections we see time and time again that anything is possible. Day 3 of the Blue Earth Summit is not to be missed and we look forward to another actioned packed, energising and all round regenerative day at the Wave on Thursday 13 October 2022.

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