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Uncomfortable Conversations at Blue Earth

Prepare to feel uncomfortable…

In an age of mass extinction, changing weather, social meltdown and environmental depletion, when will we cut the bullshit, step beyond complacency and face up to the uncomfortable?

Business as usual has got us nowhere, in fact it’s taking us backwards. It’s time to pull our heads out of the sand, to sit up straight and face the awkward, to wrestle with the uneasy truths that surround the climate and environmental crises.

New for 2023, Blue Earth Summit is hosting Uncomfortable Conversations: A pioneering, experimental ‘challenger space’ for the conversations we’re still not having, for the perspectives we’re still ignoring and for the solutions we continue to discount. 

We’ve created an inclusive, fluid space where 5-8 speakers stand up ‘soap-box style’ and give a perspective that will likely challenge and distil a sense of unease. We listen, sit in silence and reflect. All ended by a message of hope and reassurance. 

Check out the full list of Uncomfortable Conversations in our event programme.

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