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We are pleased to announce the Workshop programme including B Corp, Be More Pirate, Andrew Cotton, City to Sea, Kate Larsen and 20VC

Andy Hawkins will be leading the B Lab UK workshop entitled B The Change: Demystifying The B Corp Journey. Companies are at all stages of the sustainability journey; there is simply nowhere to go now in terms of whether a company is positively or negatively impacting on the planet. B Corp status has set a high bar and here is a chance to learn how to reach and surpass it.

Alex Barker is leading two sessions on Be More Pirate: Rule Breaking, Rebellion and Radical Change, Part 1 on day 1 of the summit at The Marble Factory and Part 2 at The Wave on day 2. Learn about the parallels between Golden Age pirates and modern day disruptors such as Elon Musk and Blockchain. Be prepared for radical strategies. Alex works across public and private sectors on innovation, culture change and employee activism.

Andrew Cotton joins us at The Wave on day 2 to provide a ‘Embrace The Fear’ talk, in tandem with key partner Breitling. His exploits in big wave surfing, in particular at the famed Nazaré in Portugal, give him unique insight into the mental challenge of preparing for and riding such large volumes of water.

City to Sea is an environmental organisation on a mission to stop plastic pollution. They run people-powered, community–serving campaigns that help individuals and businesses to change the world whilst having some fun on the way. Head of Campaigns Jo Morley will be giving us insight into their campaigns and providing practical advice on how to live with less plastic.

William Goodwin from 20VC will be running a day 1 workshop on Raising Money The Right Way. The summit has a strong investor thread and with the Pitch Tent finalists on the main stage, founders and aspiring entrepreneurs have the chance to learn about the best route to achieving their growth goals.

Day 1 keynote speakers Jacqui Wilmshurst and Tim Scoones, alongside Alastair Ward, will be running a day 1 workshop around Human Behaviour. Alastair is a wildlife conservation biologist who undertakes research to resolve conflicts between people and wildlife. He is currently Head of the Department of Biological and Marine Studies at the University of Hull.

Kate Larsen will be running the first day 1 workshop, providing the Top 10 Tips for Ethical Sourcing And Supply Chains. Kate is an environmentalist, advisor and trainer with a particular expertise around factory worker rights and conditions. With direct experience of Asian, Indian and European markets, advising leading outdoor and fashion brands, she is a regular expert source on the BBC and other media.


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