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Why Greenwashing Is Getting Harder To Spot

In this episode of the Blue Earth Podcast we speak to communications expert Joss Ford, who says big brands need to own up to their own sustainability failings.

Joss is the founder of Enviral, a sustainability communications company and consultancy. Joss and his team help brands create, communicate and consult their social and environmental stories. He’s also a proud Blue Earth Summit Ambassador and advocate of harnessing the power of the outdoors.

There is a common thread between the core sustainability community and the outdoors. Stepping into these wild places and the unknown has been fundamental to our growth as a business.

He tells host Laura Nesbitt that he believes big brands have the power to make mass change when it comes to sustainability. But he says businesses need to be open and transparent about their own failings too.

Joss talks passionately about how communication and marketing should be used as a tool to connect hearts and minds to a narrative that’s been heavily polluted and why he believes big business is the best vehicle to make mass change happen quickly.

I always think that businesses have the best vehicle to make mass positive change possible.

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