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Andy Hawkins Talks B Corp and the Benefits of Blue Space

Andy Hawkins supports companies in getting B Corp Certification, a status given to those who meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. He’s also the founder of Business on Purpose and we’re proud to call him Blue Earth’s very first ambassador. 

Over the last 20 months I’ve helped over 130 businesses on their B Corp journey. The biggest mistake companies make is not getting started. I would advise to give the impact assessment a go and see where you’re starting from“.

In our latest podcast, Andy tells host Laura Nesbitt the interesting history of how B Corp came about, how businesses can apply and more importantly why it’s paramount for all organisations to consider becoming certified. He also discusses his own love of the outdoors and how it has helped his personal wellbeing and mental health. 

Just seeing the sea does something to your soul, it does something within your heart and lifts your spirits in an incredible way. Disconnecting yourself from the digital world and becoming immersed in nature allows time to reconnect with yourself, your passions and your emotions”.

Andy shares some of his ideas and opinions on what keeps him motivated to push for a greener planet and the steps he believes will aid us in achieving a more sustainable society. 

We need to pay for our behaviour where we strip the planet of resources in a non-regenerative way. Fast fashion is a prime example. If that means that I can only buy two shirts a year instead of ten, then so be it”.

Want to learn more about becoming a B Corp? Andy will be hosting an informative workshop session at the Blue Earth Summit in October. Find out more and join the conversation on LinkedIn.

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