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How two brands partner to make a best-in-class regenerative model: Aqua Libra x Ocean Co

When Aqua Libra and Ocean Co met last year at Blue Earth Summit, a perfect partnership was in the making. Both teams had a shared vision “To tackle the ongoing plastic pollution crisis” with each taking their own unique spin on where to start. 

The Flavour tap makes the perfect replacement for bottled drinks. Their flavours are delicious and healthy and they help you cut office plastic overnight. Ocean Co is a plug and play solution connecting people and brands to plastic collection in the global south. Initially the brand serviced Ocean Bottle, connecting the sale of every bottle to the collection of 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles and improving the livelihoods of collectors. But conversations at Blue Earth Summit sparked an idea, what if the two brands could connect every refill behaviour with plastic collection?

It’s a natural fit and a great place to start but both teams knew that whilst better business practices are brilliant they don’t go far enough to tackle the worsening plastic pollution crisis. 

Over the past year, Aqua Libra connected its Flavour taps in offices to the Ocean Co platform.  It means every time an employee gets a flavoured serve they’ll fund the collection of 2 ocean-bound plastic bottles in places where plastic pollution is worst.

The teams have enabled businesses to involve their employees in an action of positive impact with every refill. 

Each Flavour tap gets its own impact dashboard showing exactly how much plastic has been collected and where. It’s tangible and makes refilling at the office meaningful.

Launch at Blue Earth Summit

When launched at Blue Earth Summit 2023, event attendees funded the collection of 22,167 plastic bottles across the global south. In just two days, and by simply refiling, they helped support 326 people. These small changes to companies hydration solutions can have a massive impact. Get in touch with Aqua Libra for more information about installing a Flavour tap at your company.

The Flavour Tap and Partnership were showcased at Aqua Libra’s Ripples: Shaping a Sustainable Future event, which included discussions moderated by Guy Hayler with Nick Doman, Ocean Co, and Johan Hanekom, AWS.

Great to be part of the launch of some new cutting edge products from Aqua Libra who are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible beyond the bottle. It was also inspiring to hear about the new partnership with Ocean Co. It is rare to see organisations so committed to fixing the issue at both ends of a supply chain. Prevention and clear up! None of this would be possible without data and the tech power of AWS. All in all an inspiring afternoon showcasing what is possible when the right people and companies come together to deliver a solution that benefits our planet.

Guy Hayler – CCO Blue Earth Summit

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