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BES’22 One Month On – Catching up with Koolstof

Today marks exactly one month since the doors first flew open to the Blue Earth Summit ’22, kicking off three action-packed days of inspirational talks, workshops and unique networking opportunities.

One month on, we caught up with Nick Wood, first time BES attendee and owner of media production company, Koolstof, to showcase their event wrap-up video and talk Summit takeaways, brand aspirations and thoughts for Blue Earth 2023.

What were your main takeaways from this year’s Blue Earth Summit?

We went to a few really interesting talks and had some really great conversations with people. The main thing that stood out was that we have to be positive and forward-thinking as a business. It’s important to celebrate and promote what we’re doing, which is using business as a force for good, and it’s important not to get bogged down in the doom and gloom. Ultimately, we need to influence our supply chains to be better and become more sustainable so that in turn, they add real value and contribute to what we’re all trying to achieve. Sustainable practices need to be standard in all businesses if we really are to make a significant impact, there’s no point waiting for legislation. Essentially, as ethical businesses, it’s up to us to lead from the front. We hope our event video successfully tells the story….

Blue Earth Summit 2022: A view from the top from KOOLSTOF! on Vimeo.

What aspects of the event do you feel best align with Koolstof as a brand?

What we felt most aligned with, was being surrounded by people who shared the same values and are ultimately looking to achieve similar goals. It felt good to be part of a community and created a space to have open and honest conversations about how we’re trying to get there. We are all there selling a product or service, and it’s important not to shy away from that, but it’s just finding the best and most ethical way to reach an audience or market. Between us, we do have the answers – or at least we’re able to put our heads together to come up with them.

What are the future aspirations for Koolstof as a brand? Anything you’re going to implement as a result of attending the event?

Our future aspirations for Koolstof are simple really – to expand our network, find new clients and work with some really exciting, forward thinking ethical businesses who want to show off their brand with some beautiful, sustainably created video assets…. if this is you – please get in touch!

We want Koolstof to set a standard for high value, sustainable production and in turn share our experiences with other companies who are looking to follow suit. In terms of implementing anything, we are quite fortunate that we are a newly formed company. A lot of the business aspects surrounding sustainability that were discussed at the Summit we have tried to consider from the beginning, including scope three, our footprint and measuring our impact. However, one thing that did hit home was the effective use of data and how we as a business can incorporate this further to demonstrate to our clients the real impact of how we operate.

We are going to look into B Corp certification next year, but also things like 1% for the planet. One really interesting takeaway was about the effectiveness of an ethical pension. At the moment we’re undergoing Carbon Literacy training – something we’re looking to roll out to anyone we work with.

Any thoughts for what you’d like to see/hear at next year’s Summit?

You mean apart from everyone being on track for Net Zero and us being the main media partners?! We have to break through this year, and it feels like we’re genuinely making in-roads to elevate the better choices we can make as a community. Being totally honest, we’d like to see a more diversity within the sustainability sector and more networking events that aren’t just about the funding aspects. We thought the cinema night was great for this. All in all though, we thought it was a fantastic three days, with some amazing people both on the ground and the stages and we’re proud to be a part of it.

Who Are Koolstof?

Based in Manchester, Koolstof create fresh, fearless and immersive video content that elevates brands and businesses. They only work with companies who share their sustainable ethos, focusing everything they do on amplifying the profile of ethical brands to transition to a kinder, more conscious society that values fairness, creativity and collaboration.

The Koolstof method has won awards for best practice in sustainability, with all their work created not just with an eye on the climate, but with conscious care given to all working practices. From the moment customers find them, to well after the projects are delivered, all their productions come with a carbon impact report and carbon offset as standard.

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