This deep dive into Nature and Biodiversity topics from Blue Earth Summit 2023 includes Keynotes from Deborah Meaden, Ben Goldsmith and Tim Smit. Topics include the role business plays in restoring the natural world and whether it’s possible to decentre humans from the boardroom.

Deborah Meaden – Investing in Nature’s Regeneration

Deborah Meaden, environmentalist and entrepreneur, discusses the role business can play in restoring our natural world. “Businesses have really got their minds wrapped around net zero. But net zero has worried me for a long time because net zero has made businesses focus so hard on that particular issue that it hasn’t thought about the wider picture. We cannot have net zero without nature, it is as simple as that.” 

The Business of Rewilding. Panel: Naomi Conway, Ben Goldsmith, Anselm Guise, Beccy Speight

Our precious ecosystems are under threat and at the limits of existence. Business is in a unique position to regenerate our natural world. Business can and must bring nature back. This much anticipated session discussed how we move nature’s restoration beyond the realms of mere philanthropy into business, what’s working and what’s needed.

Can we Decentre Humans from the Boardroom?

Our approach to business is human-centric. This keeps nature and biodiversity muted, and for the most part absent. Is business serious about restoring nature and playing a significant role in replenishing the planet’s resources? If so, what are the structures that need to change? Is it enough to tweak or do we need a system overhaul, and how feasible is that? This keynote discussed chaired by Sir Tim Smit, sits with representatives from Faith in Nature (who in September 2022 became the first business to legally instate ‘nature on their board) with Kai Njeri, facilitator and regenerative systems expert to discuss the possibility of a nature-centric boardroom.