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Oceans and Waterways

This deep dive into BES23: Oceans and Waterways highlights includes conversations on how Britain’s water companies plan to clean up. How can climate change mitigations work alongside travel and tourism in the Maldives. How do we protect a vibrant blue economy? Together we reimagine what that world is going to look like, and how business can work to make positive change happen.

Perspectives from the Maldives: Dr Farah Faizal in conversation with Keme Nzerem

Dr Farah Faizal shares insights from the Maldives, outlining the initiatives needed to not only mitigate climate change, but adapt to its reality. In conversation with Keme Nzerem, Dr Faizal shares how these programmes can sit alongside the travel and tourism industries that are so critical to the Maldivian economy.

Cleaning Britain’s Waterways: Lou Beardmore (United Utilities) & Charles Watson (River Action UK)

That Britain faces a sewage crisis is no secret. Our water quality is in decline and sewage dumping is regularly making headlines. Charles Watson is joined by Lou Beardmore, CEO of United Utiliities, to tackle the water company’s plan to clean up our oceans and waterways.

How Do We Rewild the Sea? Charles Clover (Blue Marine Foundation)

Charles Clover, Founder of the Blue Marine Foundation discusses restoring ocean biodiversity and a vibrant blue economy. He also discusses strategies for protecting our blue planet. The world’s oceans and waterways have never faced more challenges – from ruthless overfishing, plastic pollution and acidification. And if that wasn’t enough, overfishing is accelerating climate change. The latest scientific research shows that trawling and dredging creates more CO2 than the aviation industry, and damages vast areas of our continental shelves, stopping them soaking up carbon.

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