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Aline Carrier

Canadian Fisheries Specialist, Oceanographer, Freediver, Surfer

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Aline is an oceanographer who brings her passion and playfulness to her work protecting and managing ocean resources. She grew up in Quebec City and has a mixed heritage of Senegalese and Quebecois, but currently lives in Ucluelet, at the end of the road on the western side of Canada. With a Master’s degree in Oceanography, she developed an expertise in ecosystem-based management and worked with coastal communities in locations such as Senegal, Kazakhstan and Mayotte Island. She now works for the Toquaht Nation Government to develop their Marine Stewardship Monitoring program.
In her free time, Aline explores the ocean through freediving, sailing and surfing. She is also dedicated to promoting sustainable harvesting and protecting ocean resources.
For Aline, conservation isn’t just about protecting one species at a time. Good protection should take into account the connections between different species, the environment as a whole while including the human in the equation.
Her holistic-minded approach to conservation is broad, and includes outreach and education, promoting citizen science, encouraging the use of outdoor spaces, valorization of indigenous knowledge, oil spill preparedness and monitoring of coastal marine life and resources. 

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