Antonio Rodenas

Technical Officer, Business Applications and Space Solutions, European Space Agency

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As part of the Space Solutions team, Antonio is
currently working on innovation projects that can
provide value to society through space-borne
data focusing on those carried out by high-
potential start-ups. Antonio is managing both
funding initiatives and company-driven projects in
different sectors including: energy, green finance,
tourism & sport, commercial utilization of space
environments among others.
Before joining ESA in its current role, Antonio was
the co-founder and CEO of Orbital Wave, a space
start-up in the UK that managed to raise its first
private funding, signed commercial and public
contracts and joined both the ESA Business
Incubation Centre and UKSA Business
Accelerator. Antonio now advices companies into
not making the same mistakes he made.
Prior to this Antonio worked as a Business
Development Manager for SCISYS Space (acquired
by CGI), working on both EO and exploration
missions (having as customers ESA, NASA and
UKSA among others) as well as working in
product development to address commercial
customers in NewSpace.
Before this he also worked as a Business Analyst
managing A/B testing in an e-commerce
company, as a Research Engineer in space electric
propulsion in Beihang (China) and as Astronaut
Training Engineer intern for ESA.

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