Caroline Dennett

Culture & Change Consultant, CLOUT LTD

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In May Caroline publicly ended her relationship with Shell because of their double talk on climate
change, lack of action on environmental harms, and zero ambition for a genuinely green future.
Caroline is Director of CLOUT LTD, a social scientist with 20+ years’ experience as a researcher and
insight consultant; she has developed a sensitive understanding of the drivers of human behaviour,
motivation and change.
In the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, Caroline was approached by Shell to
design a safety culture diagnostic tool, identifying the leading indicators of human behaviour in high-
risk safety performance.
Caroline works with a range of clients on corporate culture, from safety to sustainability. She has
gained unique insights into the factors that can make and break positive organisational cultures and
change, and the role Leadership plays in these dynamics.
Caroline is also an environmental campaigner, working to raise awareness about the climate &
ecological emergencies and facilitate community action. She co-founded South West Action on
Pensions to push Local Government Pension Schemes and their financial investment managers to
end their investments in fossil fuel companies.
Caroline loves coastal waters. Calm or stormy, she wants to be by the sea, on the sea or in the sea,
and feels very lucky that she lives on the Dorset coast.

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