Charlotte Young

Award-winning marine scientist, expedition leader, presenter and ocean advocate.

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Charlie is an award-winning marine scientist, expedition leader, presenter and ocean advocate hailing from the rugged Welsh coastline. Fiercely passionate about human impacts on the ocean, Charlie’s work has taken her around the globe to document, research and report on anthropogenic stressors such as plastic pollution and climate change, with her first academic paper now published.

Applying her skills as a scientist and communicator, Charlie has led and joined several conservation-focused ocean expeditions to remote corners of the globe, bringing the plight of the ocean to mainstream audiences. In 2018 she presented a short documentary on plastic pollution in Indonesia which was chosen for the Melbourne Zoo Film Festival and her work has seen her invited to speak at events such as COP26 and The Blue Earth Summit. In 2019 her campaigning on plastic pollution gained national recognition and she was awarded the Glasgow University’s Future World Changer Award for her work.

Since then Charlie has gone on to present and narrate a wealth of short films and documentaries advocating for greater marine protection. One of her greatest achievements is a short film exposing the UK’s involvement in the global shark fin trade, helping drive support for the parliamentary petition and helping it reach its goal of 100,000 signatures.

Continuing her advocacy work, Charlie is now working closely with Feel Good Drinks and Project Seagrass to restore seagrass meadows in the UK through the world’s first inland nursery. Taking her fight to new depths, Charlie has also joined the Pisces VI submarine team as an ambassador and will be working with the team to extend our knowledge and understanding of this alien world, and inspire audiences to protect it.

Alongside this, Charlie is also incredibly passionate about leveraging social media to drive change, and you can find her speaking out for the ocean on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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