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Dr Geeta Ludhra

Lecturer in Education, Brunel University, Dadima's CIC Lead

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Geeta is a part-time Lecturer in Education at Brunel University, and also leads a registered social enterprise called Dadima’s CIC, where she organises free monthly nature events and walks in the countryside and surrounding areas, aimed at changing the narrative for how people of colour are positioned in this space. These walks include topics like wildlife conservation, biodiversity, reading the natural landscape, nature art and poetry, sharing ancestral nature connections, map-reading etcetera.

‘Dadima’ is the Hindi noun for paternal grandmother, chosen to broadly encapsulate the wise ancestral grandparent figures across cultures, and the beauty and healing properties of Mother Nature, recognising the current climate and environmental challenges.

Geeta also leads a South Asian women’s creative writing group, where she is supporting an upcoming community book to be published in 2024. Geeta is passionate about preserving authentic heritage stories, creating safe spaces to share intergenerational stories in community spaces.

Dadima’s CIC are currently involved in a biodiversity loss project, exploring the hierarchy of scientific nature language in community spaces, and how this is understood from a community lens. Geeta has recently co-led a Brunel University seminar series: ‘Decolonising green spaces: Intercultural Dialogues’.

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