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Emily Ames

Co-Founder and Head of Strategy, Sonder and Tell

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Emily is co-founder of Sonder & Tell and Head of Strategy where she uses the power of words and storytelling to bring brand strategy to life for teams. She believes that brands should be built on a positive story that truly impacts people’s lives and leaves the world
in a better place than before.

And has worked with the likes of Bumble, Lick, Mindful
Chef, Yoto, Homethings, Katkin and more to bring those stories to life.

For Emily, and the team at Sonder & Tell, true brand transformation happens when you rally the team around a story and personality, then turn them into storytellers. The best client success stories are when our stories go beyond the page and across the whole business, shifting internal culture, inspiring new product development and feeding into finance presentations. They show up in quiet conversations as much as big billboards.

Emily spends her days brainstorming with teams, running workshops, coming up with new products, and building brand worlds and personalities. In her spare time she dances in the kitchen with her daughter, reads novels, buys non-fiction and doesn’t read them, and watches TV shows for 13 year old girls.

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