Inge Flowers

"Gee Brain, what are we going to do today?" How great would it be if Brain one day replied with "The same thing we do everyday, Pinky. Try to save the world!"

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Authenticae’s roots are in being true to yourself – this is what my hubby-co-director and I always wanted from our company, and what we keep striving for. Some days we get a little lost, but we always come back to our core – is it true, is it right, is it good?

Our knowledge and passion are in sustainability, recycling, and chemistry, with a very large dose of unprecedented (geeky) knowledge about leather and biomaterials. We’ve mushed them all together to build a team who can tell you if your material will compost, and whether it can return nourishment back to the soil, helping to grow the next generation of plants.

Geeky disclaimer: not all materials are made equal – there are as many ways to manufacture a biomaterial (or leather) as there are recipes for chocolate cake. This is why we believe in testing.

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