Laura Sanderson

Founder of We Swim Wild, Environmentalist, Activist, Adventurer and Hydro Flask Ambassador 

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Laura is the founder of the non profit environmental organisation We Swim Wild. Focused on improving water quality across the UK through science, adventure and education. Leading the largest micro plastic citizen science campaign across the UK. Laura is passionate about adventure to raise awareness of issues. She recently swam a river in every UK National Park from source to sea to track micro plastic levels and pollution. She is currently training for research in underground rock filtered waters in the U.K’s deepest caves. Laura is also the manager of the North Wales Rivers Trust, working on the ground to improve water quality in Snowdonia, using nature based solutions to cool rivers, combat climate change and connect wildlife habitats.

Laura is a Hydro Flask ambassador committed to getting more people out into wild waters to ultimately ‘protect what they love’ through adventure days and corporate retreats.

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