Lizzie Daly

Wildlife biologist, broadcaster, filmmaker and conservationist

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Lizzie Daly is a wildlife biologist, wildlife broadcaster and conservation filmmaker from Wales.

A healthy curiosity for the natural world has lead her to conduct research and make wildlife films all over the world. Lizzie is currently studying a PhD on how we can protect and coexist alongside the African elephants in Kenya by attaching tags.

Lizzie has been working as a broadcaster now for 3 years. From Blue Planet Live Lessons to a National Geographic Live YouTube series Lizzie has a lot of experience in the broadcasting world and has a real passion for connecting others with the natural world.

Determined to celebrate Wales and its beautiful welsh wildlife she continues to celebrate stories of wildlife on her doorstep. (There will be new episodes on welsh wildlife coming out on BBC One’s new Weatherman Walking series in 2021).

On top of that Lizzie is proud to be an Academic Teaching & Outreach fellow at Swansea University and continue to bridge the gap between the general public and scientific communities.

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