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Magnus Wood

Founder, Kindness Advisor, Reimagining business with Kindness to leave people and the planet better.

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Magnus is a master of ‘critically kind’ business. In fact, he actually wrote the book, The Kindness Code, on unlocking the power of kindness at work. As Co-Founder of The Kindness Corporation, he’s showing the world how to measure and take deliberate actions to create kinder workplaces that leave people and the planet better.

He is a business executive who leverages data, insights and optimism to guide leaders with an entrepreneurial and ESG mindset to activate the humanity inherent in every business decision. In collaboration with fellow ‘kind’ activist Cole Baker Bagwell, Magnus is an innovator redefining two four-letter words: kind and work. Through a programmatic approach he helps organisations embed kindness as a core competency and scale it across the organisation.