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Nana Akua Afriyie Busia

Leader, Advocate of the rights of marginalised communities and Founder of NAAB Foundation.

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Nana Akua Busia is a leader, a staunch advocate of the rights of marginalised communities, and an ambassador for youth inclusion in global policy direction.
She has 6 years combined experience in student leadership and activism, development work and entrepreneurship. Born and raised in a family of dedicated African nationalists, as a direct descendant of Ghana’s second President, Akua Busia has nurtured an empathetic understanding of global political and leadership systems with a focused vision of transforming its policy landscape to be youth-led and youth- centered.
At barely 18, Akua founded NAAB Foundation, a youth-centred non-profit organisation bringing hope to younger children, especially girls, and derelicts with no parents, who have found their shelter on the streets. She developed and led the strategic execution of a skills training initiative impacting 200 young women to own their economic success.
Suffice to say, Nana Akua is not only a community leader impacting her locality, but also a global citizen and a change-maker. She is a debater at heart, a swimmer at leisure and a daily music-lover.

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