Rob Webbon

Rob is founder and CEO of the worlds first climate positive sports apparel company, Presca.

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Rob is the CEO at Presca Sportswear, the world’s first climate positive sportswear company.  Presca makes technical sportswear for people who give a sh*t about the planet.   We are a community of cyclists, runners and outdoor enthusiasts.

He has a degree in Environmental Science and a Masters with distinction in Environmental Coastal Engineering.  He worked in sustainability for 15 years, working on a wide range of projects in both marine and land-based renewables, carbon accounting, home energy efficiency and much else beside.  He was project manager for a £multimillion project investigating potential for a privately funded Severn Barrage.

Founder of Presca Sportswear

Rob founded Presca when his professional experience collided with a passion for biking, running and triathlon which he discovered in his late 20s.  He’s raced numerous marathons, ultra-marathons and Ironman triathlons.

Along with his co-founder Guy, they have grown the company from a part time hobby, to a challenger brand in a crowded field, where many are talking about sustainability but few are really focussed on it.  In recent years Presca have developed a strong focus on circularity in their clothing. 

They have launched the first pad replacement service in the UK, have developed a wide ranging repair and recommerce service and in summer 2022 will launch an adaptation service for athletes with disabilities. They have committed to take back any garment they’ve ever made so that they can keep that garment in use for as long as possible or do the best thing with it at genuine end of life.

When he’s not behind his desk Rob will be found with his young family, or out running and biking on the trails around Bristol and beyond.

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