Sarah Bentley

Sarah is the founder of pioneering plant-based community cookery school and charity Made In Hackney. The cookery school opened it's doors in 2012 and have since collaborated with over 400,000 Londoners inspiring them to grow, cook and eat more plants.

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Food and health justice activist Sarah Bentley is the founder of plant-based community cookery school and charity Made In Hackney – probably one of the most dynamic and impacting cookery schools you’ve never heard of! The school ‘changes lives using the power of plants’ and since their launch a decade ago have positively influenced a staggering 400,000 people to evolve their diets to a more planet-friendly, health-supporting, plant-based diet.

The school works across London with diverse, often marginalised community members and offer culturally appropriate, respectful, joyful food education and sharing experiences. Since the pandemic their food justice work has provided over 144,000 nourishing plant-based meals delivered by cycle courier directly to households in need.

Made In Hackney also runs Plant Futures – an educational and menu support programme aimed at inspiring and upskilling food influences across the hospitality, catering and third sectors to develop more plant-centred offerings. In August they launched a Made In Hackney burger in collaboration with Fullers pub chains, crafting a delicious, umami-flavour packed wholefoods alternative to highly processed meat replacement options.

2023 will see them launch Global Plant Futures – a solidarity project for international skill and experience sharing to inspire the launch of similar projects around the world in high volume meat-eating, urban areas. Sarah and the Made In Hackney team are open to conversations, partnerships and collaborations geared at making the world a more equitable, happier and healthier place.

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