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Blue Earth Summit 2023 Audience Insights

Transforming Lives and Business: The Blue Earth Summit Experience

Blue Earth Summit brings together a community of people committed to transforming the way we live and work. This year’s event, held in Bristol, drew over 5000 attendees across three inspirational days of content.

The unique gathering brought together a diverse network eager to share ideas for real-world impact. Post-event, we sought feedback to enhance future experiences. Here’s a snapshot of what we learned:

Overwhelming Endorsement

Strong Recommendations: A striking 85% of attendees would strongly recommend the summit, praising its mix of inspirational talks, education, discussion, business ideas, and networking.

Diverse Experiences: Attendees valued the diversity in panels, the opportunity for organic conversations, and the unique networking environment.

Favourite Elements: Networking and Insightful Panels

Networking Reigns Supreme: For the second consecutive year, networking emerged as a favourite element.

High Praise for Speakers: David Olusoga, Deborah Meaden, Bevis Watts and Marvin Rees and panels about decolonising the outdoors, legal protection for the environment, decentering humans from the board room and International collaboration received notable appreciation.

Varied Interests: Attendees also enjoyed outdoor cooking classes, the ‘Tech for Future’ panel, and appreciated the diversity in race, sex, and age representation on platforms.

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Looking Forward: Aspirations for Blue Earth 2024

Attendees hope for a broader representation, including more youth, scientists, and philosophers, with a focus on regenerative leadership and degrowth.

Names such as Chris Packham, Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Yvon Chouinard, The King and ‘youth activists’ are among the desired speakers, reflecting a yearning for diverse and impactful voices.

Next year’s event will see another stage added to accommodate speakers, meaning an additional 400 seats in the room resulting in no queuing to get into sessions.

Describing the Blue Earth Experience

The summit was described as “fruitful, interesting, inspiring,” and “a whirlwind of ideas and possible action.”

Attendees felt it was a space for like-minded individuals committed to driving positive change in the world.

This summary is only the tip of the iceberg in regards to feedback that the Blue Earth team are taking onboard to further improve in 2024.

We’re delighted that the Blue Earth Summit made a significant impact on its attendees, offering a platform for thought-provoking discussions and networking. While there is room for improvement, the summit is clearly moving in a direction that resonates with its community. The feedback gathered is a testament to the event’s success and a helpful guide for making the future even more impactful.

But don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at the feedback shared on LinkedIn too and feel free to add your own thoughts.


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