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Blue Earth Summit Magic Formula

We believe in a new way of doing business, where work – and life – can be better. Where our ideas and investment make a real difference in the world.

“In today’s fast-paced online world, forging meaningful connections and fostering collaboration is paramount to driving progress and achieving long-lasting change. “ – Linley Lewis, Co-founder, Blue Earth Summit

We are realistic. Business as usual is broken.  Traditional models are failing people and planet, and endless growth is destroying nature. 

“I feel anger, frustration and grief in roughly equal amounts – at where we now find ourselves…But I know we have to continue our fight for climate justice so that we don’t let polluters and the powerful off the hook.” – Farhana Yamin, Climate Lawyer, Author and Activist

So we come together as a community of changemakers…

…makers and mavericks… 

…founders and futurists…

…adventurers and investors…

We are committed to delivering a representative and diverse set of speakers, perspectives, and attendees guided by a network of advisors we call our ‘Circle of Wisdom’ and the DICE principles:

To find a better way to be.

Where our decisions are inspired and energised by our precious blue planet. 

“At Blue Earth Summit I felt validated about my business. I had a constant flow of investors coming up to me and telling me what we are doing is awesome.” – Eve Kekeh, Founder of Bundlee

Where our passion for being outdoors binds us together as a movement.

“If you and your business are passionate about our planet and the people who work for you, Blue Earth Summit is for you.” – Richard Walker, Managing Director, Iceland

Together we reimagine what that world is going to look like. 

“I’ll be at Blue Earth Summit to drumbeat the need for purpose-led business and green investing for a healthy, inclusive and prosperous future.” – Deborah Meaden, Businesswoman, Investor, TV Dragon and Writer

And how business can work to make positive change happen.

Join us at Blue Earth

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