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How Bundlee Founder Eve Kekeh Is Building A Better Future For Babies To Grow Into

We speak to Pitch Tent finalist Eve Kekeh about what makes a winning pitch and how the experience helped shape her business.

There’s a growing problem with kids clothes: Babies go through seven sizes of clothing in their first two years – contributing to a rubbish truck of clothes burned or dumped in landfill every single second.

Pioneering founder Eve Kekeh is on a mission to change this with Bundlee, the UK’s first rental subscription service for kids clothes. Eve captivated audiences in the Pitch Tent last year  – leading to a game-changing investment from Sweaty Betty.

Bundlee now has over 1,000 active subscribers, has completed 60,000 clothing rentals, is backed by investors in Mindful Chef and Music Magpie – and secured brand partnerships with Stella McCartney Kids and Patagonia.

We speak to Eve about why she applied for the Pitch Tent, what makes a winning pitch, and how the experience helped shape her business.

Can you tell us what Bundlee is and how it works?

Bundlee is the UK’s first rental subscription for kids clothes. For just £24 a month, parents can rent “bundlees” of clothes, then simply return outgrown clothes to get the next size up. It’s like a revolving wardrobe for your baby. 

What is the growing problem with baby clothes? How does Bundlee address it?

Babies go through seven sizes of clothing in their first two years alone! It’s the most extreme example of fast fashion – contributing to a rubbish truck of clothes burned or dumped in landfill every single second. The cost of constantly having to buy a new wardrobe every few months is the third largest expense for families after childcare and food. 

Our rental model extends the lifespan of clothes and reduces waste. Bundlee saves parents over 70% compared to buying the same clothes new. Outgrown clothes are simply swapped for the next size up, creating space in the home with a wardrobe that always fits.

What motivated you to apply for the Pitch Tent? How did you know it was the right time?

I applied for the Pitch Tent because I knew we needed to raise more investment to get to the next stage of growth. We’d already built our own rental system, created the website, and done our first round of angel investment. But I needed financial resources to bring on more team members and invest in marketing and brand partnerships. It was such a great opportunity to get in front of so many investors in one room who all cared about sustainability as well as scalability.

How would you describe the experience?

I was nervous before going on stage! It was the biggest crowd I’d ever pitched to – there were at least 150 people. But I was really excited because it was an opportunity to pitch to so many people in one room. 

What would you say makes a winning pitch?

Practice your pitch on a walk with your AirPods where there will be distractions like cyclists whizzing past you or other people talking loudly. It’s the best way to practice saying your pitch out loud (everyone will just think you’re on a call!) You’ll feel so much more relaxed and confident when things happen on stage that you weren’t expecting. Always think about who your audience is so you can help them to understand the problem you’re solving and prepare for the kind of questions they might have. But try not to cram in too much information. Instead, consider the essential things you want these people to know about your business. And finally, show your passion for your business! 

Can you tell us about your investment?

We secured investment from Sweaty Betty co-founders Tamara and Simon Hill-Norton. I didn’t even know they were in the audience! Simon saw the pitch, we talked at the networking event afterwards, and they became investors.

What were some of the key takeaways or lessons you learned from the experience?

As a founder, you spend so much time behind your laptop, so reaching out to investors can be nerve-wracking. But at Blue Earth Summit, I felt validated about my business. I had a constant flow of investors coming up to me and telling me what we are doing is awesome. To have investors come up to me, rather than the other way around, was cool in itself. 

The Pitch Tent also taught me how to distill everything we’re working on into a core message to get investors on board. It gets you thinking about what investors need to know and how you want to be remembered as a business.

Bundlee has partnered with a number of leading sustainable brands including Stella McCartney and Patagonia. What does that mean to you?

They are such trailblazers in sustainable fashion! It’s amazing to have their clothing available on Bundlee and for them to join us to be part of this rental revolution. Brands know the industry is wasteful, but it’s hard for them to change their whole business model. Partnering with Bundlee gives brands an easy way to get involved in a circular economy model.

What do you know now that you wish you knew at the start of your journey?

While running the London Marathon a few weeks ago, some miles early on were actually much harder than those later in the run. It made me realise that just like in running and life, business is not a linear journey. But the ups are so worth the downs! 

What key areas should all businesses focus on to make a real difference to people and the planet?

The most important thing is to embed sustainability into the core of your business model. At Bundlee, we are extending the lifespan of products and reducing clothing waste through the core of our business. Sustainability as an add-on or afterthought is not enough. 

What are your future goals for Bundlee?

Ultimately, we want to make renting better than buying for both families and the planet. We grew over 200% last year, so now we’re crowdfunding for our next phase of expansion, including brand partnerships, new clothing sizes, and growing our talented team. I believe that Bundlee has the potential to transform the childrenswear industry and create a better future for little ones to grow into. 

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If you want to support Bundlee and be a part of making a better future for babies to grow into, click here to find out how to invest.


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