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Blue Earth heads to COP28

For the 28th time, next week international leaders from government, business and civil society gather for the annual Conference of Parties, to negotiate and agree on national policies to curb global warming in line with 1.5 degrees. 

We’re running out of time. 1.5 is in jeopardy and 3 degrees warming looks possible, according to UN estimates.

Despite big questions over the alignment of this year’s presidency with continued fossil fuel extraction, COP remains the only forum in which Heads of State meet exclusively to negotiate climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

As avid believers in the potential of business as a force for good, we are hopeful. Business is best placed to lead on curbing the current emissions trajectory and is forging ahead regardless of faltering climate policy. Not only that, the strongest climate solutions depend on collaboration. The Blue Earth team heads to Dubai to give support to partners on the ground at COP28, and to send a signal to the international community of the urgency of climate action. 

With climate negotiations starting next week, we asked leading figures in the Blue Earth community to share their hopes and expectations for COP28 outcomes. We’ll be sharing insights from those such as Markus Müller, Chief Investment officer ESG for Deutsche Bank AG, Nawi K Flores, Indigenous Leader and Founder of K’allamp, Dan Yates, Head of Partnerships, Protect our Winters, Nadia Owusu, youth advocate in Ghana and Chris Butler-Stroud, Chief Executive, Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

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Markus Mueller, Deutsche Bank

Markus Müller, Chief Investment officer ESG, Deutsche Bank AG

COP isn’t just about formal negotiations: it’s also a great place for experts, scientists, governmental and community representatives to listen to each other.” Read more…

Ñawi K. Flores, Founder of  Kinray Hub & K’allam’p

The primary obstacle is the exclusion of Indigenous-led projects from critical climate conversations and markets. This absence hinders the development of holistic, culturally sensitive, and effective climate solutions.Read more…

Nadia Owusu, Youth Advocate for Climate in Ghana

The biggest stakeholders who don’t get the needed audience at climate conferences but are contributing relentlessly – children and youth will always give me a reason to be optimistic about the global climate movement.” Read more…

Chris Butler-Stroud, CEO, Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Climate and nature loss recognise no barriers to those lives it destroys; no amount of money can protect the individual or business from the changes that lie ahead if we do not act together.”

Read more…

Dan Crockett, Oceans and Climate Director, Blue Marine Foundation

“There are many critically-important conversations around 30 by 30, ending overfishing, subsidies, ocean acidification and other key challenges facing the ocean.

Read more…


Dan Yates, Director of Partnerships and Initiatives Europe, Protect our Winters

Commitments to improving sustainability are no longer enough, just doing less harm doesn’t cut it anymore. Businesses must become political, and advocate for change above and beyond their own supply chain.Read more…

The countdown is on…

Here’s 3 reasons why the Blue Earth Team is heading to Dubai. 

1. We’re running out of time

1.5 is in jeopardy and 3 degrees warming looks possible. We’re running out of time. Business is best placed to lead on curbing the current emissions trajectory. As avid believers in the potential of business as a force for good, we are hopeful. We’re going to COP28 to support the Blue Earth community on the ground.

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